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As many of you have seen, I have been making daily maps of the military events in Syria for a while now. Initially I made a quick small map to summarize and locate the events on June the 5th as I found that the many small towns and obscure area names in Syria often made it hard to place news into a bigger strategical and geographical context – you just simply cannot remember all the town names and their precise locations.

When I thought to make a similar map for a new OP on June the 6th, I took to the task of making it more neat, insightful and detailed. As a flag enthusiast I quickly decided a nice way to list involved groups in an event was to add flags (or emblems/insignia for groups without a flag, like the Republican Guard or the Palestine Liberation Army)

June 6 – First map in the daily event map format – featuring the SDF/YPG offensive nearing the first Manbij suburbs, and the SAA/Desert Hawks crossing into Raqqa governorate, starting the ultimately foiled Tabqah/Raqqa offensive

The main reason for listing the involved groups is that events are generally reported in the form of “SAA takes Huwaysis” or “SAA loses Qalat Shillif”, when in reality many different groups make up the pro-government forces.
Many /sg/ regulars for example have taken a keen interest in the SSNP brigades, the widely revered Tiger Forces (who appear to have neither a flag, nor a unique insignia, although Syrian Special Forces emblems incorporating tigers do exist as seen on Wikipedia) or the somewhat obscure Suqur al-Sahara (Desert Hawks). Other groups recently of interest are the Palestinian-Syrian group Liwa al-Quds, heavily involved both in Aleppo’s northern districts as north of Aleppo at Handarat camp and Mallah farms, and the Iraqi paramilitaries in Syria who now seem to be set to take a large role in the offensive in the east of the Homs governorate.

Iraqi paramilitary “Imam Ali Battalions” in Palmyra this week

Of course the maps’ involved groups information isn’t always complete: exact information is hard to come by using English sources and (often inaccurate) Google/Bing Translate for Arabic sources. Furthermore anti-government sources may fabricate involved groups in an area, usually IRGC or Hezbollah, in an effort to portray the Syrian government forces as “Iranian”, “foreign” or “sectarian” (even though the armed opposition is the one that is practically 100% Sunni).

Be that as it may, I always strive to confirm information on events and involved groups from at least 2 different sources.

The area control on the background map may not always be 100% accurate. I try to fix inaccuracies as I spot them, and add area changes from offensives, but the source for up-to-date maps of area control are still sites like MilitaryMaps.info or well known Twitter mapmakers like A7_Mirza, hamza_780, PetoLucem, Syria_Protector, MilAdvisor, Tutomap, GlobalEventMap etcetera. Area control is not the main aim of this map.

July 23 – Latest map at the time of writing

I hope many of our /sg/ readers enjoy viewing these maps as a quick update to what’s going on or as a way to catch up if you haven’t paid attention for a few days but are still interested in the (often small) developments of the conflict in Syria. Or even to look back to see how long an offensive has been going on, or on what day a specific area was captured.

Eventually I started posting my maps also on my Twitter, but on /sg/ the map is posted earlier and sometimes in multiple versions as it is updated throughout the day – the Twitter version is only posted at the end of the day. Furthermore, maps for /sg/ may still get updated the day after as further details are disclosed in the sources – on Twitter it will not.
Final versions of all daily event maps can now be seen on this WordPress, on the page /sg/ Daily Event maps, as well as the currently latest map always visible in the right sidebar.

I’m glad to be able to contribute in my own way to our /sg/ community and I hope the maps will serve some purpose – and as always, suggestions/corrections/additions are welcome, post them in the current /sg/ thread.

Kudos to the /sg/ posters (minus the shitposters) for making /sg/ what it is and to the contributors to the /sg/ WordPress & Twitter for broadening our community.


CIA Linked Group, Nour al-Din al-Zinki, Admits Beheading Boy

Syria war: Rebels ‘behead 12-year-old boy’ on video

Nour al-Din al-Zinki rebel group calls beheading an “individual error” that does not represent movement’s policy.

The video, posted online on Tuesday, shows a group of men in the back of a truck cutting off the head of the terrified boy.

Before the gruesome murder, the men accuse the boy of being a member of the Liwa al-Quds (Jerusalem brigade), a Palestinian armed group fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

The rebels have been identified as members of the Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement. On Tuesday, the movement published a press release on its Twitter page condemning the killing of the boy and calling the beheading an “individual error that does not represent the general policy of the movement”.

The United States, which has previously provided military support to the Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement, said it was “seeking more information” and that it could not confirm the “appalling report” at a press briefing on Tuesday.

A report published earlier this month by human rights group Amnesty International details several “war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law” committed by the Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement, as well as other rebel groups, throughout the Syrian Civil War.

The alleged war crimes include abductions and torture.

Citing sources close to the United States “northern operation command,” a coordination body allegedly responsible for providing military support to rebels, Amnesty’s report says the Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement had in the past received military and financial aid from the US, Britain, France, Turkey and several Gulf states.

The funding was apparently halted in September 2015 when the movement joined two other groups that were accused of kidnapping Italian aid workers.


/Syria General/ Strongly Condemns the Actions of the FSA and the CIA-backed group ‘Nour al-Zenki’.

Screenshot from 2016-07-19 22-15-30Syria General strongly condemns the beheading of an innocent child by the hands of the FSA, or Free Syrian Army, commonly referred to in the press as either ‘moderates’ or anti-Assad ‘rebels’. The boy, reportedly not even in his teens, was accused and sentenced to a gruesome death by what can only be described as sub-animal durkha-durkha pigcunt-scum…members of the FSA.

/SG/- went through a number of waves of revulsion as the day wore on, with each successive wave of newbies, namefags and regulars alternatively taking to drink, name calling and condemnation of the senseless killing. In brief interludes, there even seemed to be a lull in the incessant roach baiting, or perhaps it had been hallucinogenically transmuted into an auditory-like background hum. Roach baiting, nay, Roachbaiting, by definition a visual experience, morphed and fused with the sound of the refrigerator, the radio news reader and the clutter of nearby keyboards. Just like that. All across the world.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a pretty unforgivable crime. The beheading of a child. It doesn’t seem to make it worse, that before being beheaded, he was dragged from a hospital bed. His death alone, never mind manner of his death or the events that preceded it, is unforgivable.

The banal cruelty and barbarism of the act is obvious to all, possibly even by the original FSA posters of the video, who subsequently deleted the footage. Or perhaps it was their handlers revulsion, the PR department in some dimly lit basement erupting in a fragrant bouquet profanity and words like ‘our’, and ‘good’, and ‘name’. The order of the words seemingly random, not to be read into, given the circumstances. Those circumstances that led up to this act, and the act itself, and the place, the place where that bouquet arose. Was it in Raqqah? Was it in Riyadh? Some ops centre in the gulf? Washington?

The video proofs are still available via the South Front site [ see: https://southfront.org/us-backed-moderate-rebels-behead-palestinian-kid-for-being-pro-assad-graphic-footage/ ]. Earlier tweets, such as [ see: https://twitter.com/HKX07/status/755375255422578688 ], may still be available, but may be blocked by your provider. BUT BE WARNED: SEEING A CHILD BEING BEHEADED BY CUNTS IS NO ENTERTAINMENT! IT IS AN IMAGE THAT ONCE SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN ——> You have been warned.

The FSA has often been linked to both ISIS, with whom they have at times maintained alliances, and indeed western NATO and allied interests such as the Saudi’s and Qatar-i’s at others. In 2012, for instance, Deutsche Welle [see: http://www.dw.com/en/german-spy-ship-aiding-syrian-rebels-report/a-16177482 ] reported on German and UK intelligence gathering activities and motivations within Syria. The information of these activities is being passed on to these same ‘moderates’.

Recent Updates

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Both projects were undertaken to make it easier to process all the information about the conflict. The Approved Twitter Accounts page has also changed to include a live updated Twitter feed of all of the approved Twitter accounts. For the reader’s convenience, there is a link to a page on Twitter showing which accounts appear in the list. Similar changes will be made in the very near future to our Videos pages integrating this site with our YouTube channel.

Many posters on /sg/ are fans of Dutchbro’s maps (@LevantFalcon on Twitter) that are posted regularly on the treads. The latest map will now be available on this WordPress.

The image above is a Su-30SM landing at Hmeimim Airbase around May 2016 for those interested.

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