/Syria General/ Strongly Condemns the Actions of the FSA and the CIA-backed group ‘Nour al-Zenki’.

Screenshot from 2016-07-19 22-15-30Syria General strongly condemns the beheading of an innocent child by the hands of the FSA, or Free Syrian Army, commonly referred to in the press as either ‘moderates’ or anti-Assad ‘rebels’. The boy, reportedly not even in his teens, was accused and sentenced to a gruesome death by what can only be described as sub-animal durkha-durkha pigcunt-scum…members of the FSA.

/SG/- went through a number of waves of revulsion as the day wore on, with each successive wave of newbies, namefags and regulars alternatively taking to drink, name calling and condemnation of the senseless killing. In brief interludes, there even seemed to be a lull in the incessant roach baiting, or perhaps it had been hallucinogenically transmuted into an auditory-like background hum. Roach baiting, nay, Roachbaiting, by definition a visual experience, morphed and fused with the sound of the refrigerator, the radio news reader and the clutter of nearby keyboards. Just like that. All across the world.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a pretty unforgivable crime. The beheading of a child. It doesn’t seem to make it worse, that before being beheaded, he was dragged from a hospital bed. His death alone, never mind manner of his death or the events that preceded it, is unforgivable.

The banal cruelty and barbarism of the act is obvious to all, possibly even by the original FSA posters of the video, who subsequently deleted the footage. Or perhaps it was their handlers revulsion, the PR department in some dimly lit basement erupting in a fragrant bouquet profanity and words like ‘our’, and ‘good’, and ‘name’. The order of the words seemingly random, not to be read into, given the circumstances. Those circumstances that led up to this act, and the act itself, and the place, the place where that bouquet arose. Was it in Raqqah? Was it in Riyadh? Some ops centre in the gulf? Washington?

The video proofs are still available via the South Front site [ see: https://southfront.org/us-backed-moderate-rebels-behead-palestinian-kid-for-being-pro-assad-graphic-footage/ ]. Earlier tweets, such as [ see: https://twitter.com/HKX07/status/755375255422578688 ], may still be available, but may be blocked by your provider. BUT BE WARNED: SEEING A CHILD BEING BEHEADED BY CUNTS IS NO ENTERTAINMENT! IT IS AN IMAGE THAT ONCE SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN ——> You have been warned.

The FSA has often been linked to both ISIS, with whom they have at times maintained alliances, and indeed western NATO and allied interests such as the Saudi’s and Qatar-i’s at others. In 2012, for instance, Deutsche Welle [see: http://www.dw.com/en/german-spy-ship-aiding-syrian-rebels-report/a-16177482 ] reported on German and UK intelligence gathering activities and motivations within Syria. The information of these activities is being passed on to these same ‘moderates’.


4 thoughts on “/Syria General/ Strongly Condemns the Actions of the FSA and the CIA-backed group ‘Nour al-Zenki’.

  1. Fuckin biggots, stop demonizing the sweet syrian rebels.
    That kid got beheaded tenderly and moderatly because he is an spy of brutal dictator BASHAR “BARREL BOMBING BAKERIES AND ITS SURROUNDINGS” ASSAD.

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