Developments Sept 7


Syrian Army on the verge of capturing major Eastern Ghouta stronghold

Breaking: Syrian Army launches massive offensive in south Aleppo district

Video: ISIS destroys two Turkish tanks

Intra-Syrian talks unlikely to be resumed until late September: Russian Foreign Ministry

Erdogan: Turkey’s military is ready to join the offensive on Raqqa

Russian Air Force destroys ISIL’s HQ in northeast Homs

Iranian, Syrian commanders meet to discuss upcoming Aleppo offensive

Jaysh Al-Islam recaptures mountaintop in eastern Qalamoun

Jaysh Al-Fateh sends reinforcements to southern Aleppo

Turkish-backed rebels declare last ISIS stronghold in Aleppo a “military zone”

Syrian Army, Palestinian committees launch fresh attack at Handarat Camp in northern Aleppo

[Video] Syrian Army prepares to storm key town in Daraa

Syrian Army reinforcements pour into northern Hama

Syrian Army attacks Ramouseh Garages in southern Aleppo

Exclusive battle footage of the Syrian Army’s advance in northern Hama

Iraqi Army conducts cleansing operation in northwest Ramadi

ISIS attacks Iraqi Army at Tanf border-crossing

Cousin of Saudi Ambassador killed fighting for ISIS in Iraq

Houthi forces capture more territory in Saudi Arabia

U.S. strikes in Yemen kill 13 al Qaeda operatives: U.S. military

[Video] Saudi airstrikes devastate Yemeni capital



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