Developments 9-12-16

Syrian ceasefire begins around the country

[Breaking] Rebels launch new offensive in Golan Heights as ceasefire begins

Jihadist offensive in northern Daraa fails to yield any gains

[Video] Assad vows to regain every inch of Syria

Syrian Army advances in southern Aleppo

Syrian Army restores all lost points in Golan Heights

Syrian Army will not halt military operations in Latakia

Turkey to send humanitarian convoy to Syria’s Aleppo

China welcomes the Syrian ceasefire as a positive step towards peace

ISIS launches new offensive in Deir Ezzor

Druze politician accuses Israel of aiding jihadist rebels in Syria

Syrian ceasefire to begin at sunset

Syrian Army kills over 30 jihadists in the Golan Heights

Hezbollah, Syrian Army ambush ISIS near Lebanese border

[Map] Syrian Army approaches Jisr Al-Shughour

Ahrar Al-Sham officially rejects Syrian ceasefire

Syrian Army on the verge of capturing strategic East Ghouta hilltop

Saudi warplanes kill 14 Yemeni civilians in Saada

Yemeni forces score direct missile strike on Saudi military

Houthi forces capture Saudi military camp in Jizan

Iraqi Hezbollah Chief Calls Saudi Arabia, Israel Two Sides of Same Coin

Baghdad bombing kills at least 40, ISIS claims responsibility


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