Developments 9-14-16

ISIS snatches swaths of rebel territory northeast of Damascus – Map update

[Map] Russian Marines take over strategic Aleppo highway

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 21 rebel leaders reject ceasefire in Syria

Russia wants Syrian ceasefire to be extended for 48 hours

[Breaking] Russia kills 250 ISIS terrorists near Palmyra

Kerry defends Syria deal with Russia, says Obama backs plan

[Map] Syrian Army advances in Deir Ezzor

Graphic video: ISIS hangs ‘spies’ from meat hooks, lets them bleed to death (+18)

Syrian Army reinforcements from Aleppo arrive in northern Hama

[Video] Syrian Army, jihadists clash in northern Hama

Kremlin sees separating moderate opposition from terrorists as main task in Syria

Syrian Army advances in southwest Deir Ezzor after killing 50+ ISIS fighters

Israeli Army returns 14 bodies to the jihadist rebels after Golan Heights offensive

De Mistura Hails ‘Significant Drop in Violence’

Over 70 jihadist rebels killed in 3 failed Golan offensives

ISIS executes two of their commanders in Deir Ezzor

Qatar sends 1,000 soldiers to Yemen



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