Developments 9-20-16

New rebel group formed in Idlib

Videos: Druze leader vows to fight terrorists despite Israel, Zahreddine inspects Quneitra front lines

Russian, Syrian jets conduct 100+ airstrikes in Aleppo

U.S. State Senator: ‘I join the Syrian people in mourning the loss’ at Deir Ezzor massacre

WARNING +18 Video: ISIS jihadist teaches child to shoot prisoner in the head

ISIS defenses collapsing as Iraqi forces have them on the run

[Breaking] Iraqi Army kicks off large-scale offensive against ISIS

Amnesty International: US-made weapons hit medical facilities in Yemen

Houthi forces kill 14 Saudi, Yemeni fighters in Lahj

Field Report: Syrian Army advances in Eastern Ghouta

In Video: Islamist rebels hit Army tank with guided missile in Syria’s Aleppo

Syrian army, Quds Brigade advances near Handarat Camp

ISIS rapidly recapturing villages from Turkey-backed militants in northern Syria

Russia, Syria deny airstrikes on aid convoy

Syria Kurds hold population census

Sydney to protest against Australia’s involvement in Deir Ezzor massacre

BREAKING: Two Turkish soldiers killed in northern Syria

United Nations suspends aid convoys to Syria

300 militants, 1000 civilians to be evacuated from Homs’ last rebel district

British Prime Minister defends ‘anti-ISIS’ role in Syria

UN: Over 70% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon below poverty line

[Video] Syrian Armed Forces destroy jihadist vehicle in the Golan Heights


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