Developments 9-23-16

ISIS massacre up to 50 ‘apostates’ in Iraq

Iran Condemns Saudi Airstrike on Yemeni Civilians, Urges Int’l Reaction

Syrian Army advances in Aleppo after launch of offensive

Syrian Army raids Islamist outpost in the Golan Heights

VIDEO: Al-Qaeda linked group pushes through ISIS-held Syrian territory

VIDEO: Turkey shows off tanks and soldiers operational in northern Syria

Jund Al-Aqsa rolls back Syrian Army gains in northern Hama

Turkish-backed rebels lose over 20 villages to ISIS in northeast Aleppo

ISIS approaches strategic Deir Ezzor Military Airport

Islamist rebels cut important highway in Homs, Syrian Army fights back

Syrian Army identifies 43 soldiers killed by US airstrikes in Deir Ezzor

Free Syrian Army comes under attack in rural Idlib

Russian Defense Ministry confirms US drone was present during Aleppo aid attack



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