Developments 9-26-16

Nusra commander in Syria: US supporting us…but not enough

Syrian Army prepares to storm east Aleppo

Russia claims US trying to divert attention from airstrikes on Syrian Army

ISIS launches surprise attack in east Hama

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Syria’s ‘moderate rebels’ brutally torture Syrian soldier

Reports: Audio recording between ISIS and US before Deir Ezzor massacre found

US not willing to attack Nusra: Russian FM

Latest battle map of Aleppo City

Over 40 jihadist rebels leave Homs City

US soldier killed by ISIS in northern Syria: Al-Amaq

Battle footage of the Syrian Army, Liwaa Al-Quds targeting jihadists in northern Aleppo

Jihadist rebels admit heavy casualties sustained during northern Hama attack

Syrian Army sappers begin demining captured district in southern Aleppo

[Video] Iraqi hellfire strike destroys ISIS vehicles during Shirqat offensive

Iraqi Armed Forces liberate more territory in northern Salahiddeen

Saudi warplanes kill 10 civilians in northern Yemen

Saudi Air Force commits another massacre in Yemen


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