9-28-16 developments

Yemeni forces kill several Saudi soldiers in latest missile strike


Doctors Without Borders: Saudi airstrikes in Yemen ‘unjustified and unprovoked’


US sends more troops to reinforce the Iraqi Army in retaking Mosul


ISIS execute members who fled the battlefield with bulldozers


US arming Nusra in Syria: Lavrov


Former ISIS terrorist dies fighting with FSA

ISIS cut off thief’s hands in Sharia crackdown (photos)

Rebels gas the Syrian Army in northern Hama

Video footage of the Syrian Army inside the captured Farafira District of Aleppo


Latest battlefield from the East Ghouta

Syrian Army kills leading Islamist assault troops commander in Hama

Former Darayya rebels now fighting Syrian Army in northern Hama

US-backed rebels now equipped with advanced rocket launchers

Syrian Army attempts to close the gap on the Turkey-Latakia border


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