Developments 10-18-16

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Syrian Army captures Russian Regiment Base in northern Hama

Confessions of an ISIS terrorist: Lebanese commander admits terror plots

Video footage of the Syrian Army’s military operations in southern Aleppo

Russian lawmaker advises Aleppo militants “to shave” to stay alive

Rebel-held town in Western Ghouta to surrender after SAA’s advance

Full video of Syria’s First Lady interview with Russia-24

Drone footage of Syrian Army, Hezbollah advance in southern Aleppo

Militants in Aleppo still receive anti-tank missiles: Russian General

Thousands of Syrians celebrate the expulsion of militants from key Damascus suburb

Iraqi army liberate largest Assyrian town from ISIS

Video: Intense video of Peshmerga fighting ISIS near Mosul

Photos: Iraqis protest against Turkish occupation near Mosul

In motion: Iraqi Army advances in southern Mosul amid ISIL’s collapse

10-14-2016 Developments

Free Syrian Army Colonel tortured to death by other FSA faction

Photos: Prominent Liwa Shuhada al-Islam leader dies

New battlefield map of northeast Aleppo

Syrian Army captures more territory in northeast Aleppo

Rebels surrender two major suburbs in Damascus to the Syrian Army

Putin signs law ratifying agreement with Syria on deployment of Russian air group

Assad: Saudi Arabia wanted Syria to cut ties with Iran

Zero hour approaches Mosul as Iraqi forces prepare to attack

Houthi leader claims US preparing to invade Yemen

Yemeni Army, Houthis warn against further US attacks

In Video: Yemeni fighters ambush Saudi forces in Jizan

10-13-16 Developments

Russia warns against supplying anti-aircraft missiles to Syrian militants

Syrian Army reaches Al-Sha’er Gas Fields in east Homs

In Video: Captured jihadist admits being trained in Turkey

Negotiations to surrender east Aleppo continue between Syrian Army and rebels

US aircrafts in Russian camouflage feared for false flag attacks in Syria

Syrian Army captures important northern Hama village

Putin: West responsible for Middle East instability and terrorism in Europe

Syrian Army breaks-through jihadist defenses near key West Ghouta town

US-backed rebels shell grammar school in west Aleppo, 4 children killed

Syrian Army captures strategic area in northeast Aleppo

US, Saudi Arabia to grant ISIS terrorists free passage from Mosul to Syria: reports

In Video: Yemeni fighters ambush Saudi forces in Jizan

Houthis deny attacking US Navy off Yemeni coast

US uses tomahawk cruise missiles to attack Houthis in Yemen

War of words: Iraqi PM slams Erdogan over Mosul statement

US Air Force begins massive aerial campaign over ISIS-held Mosul

10-12-16 Developments

In Pictures: Syrian Army, allies, capture Islamist fighters in southern Aleppo

Rebel rocket attack hits several residential areas inside Damascus

Russia says political solution in Syria only possible if West refrains from propaganda

Negotiations to surrender east Aleppo under way

Clinton comments on arming Kurds ‘politically inept’: Erdogan

Syria: Rebels hand over weapons as per evacuation deal

Russian Parliament votes in favor of their Air Force’s indefinite deployment in Syria

Moscow asks UK’s Johnson to present images proving Russia’s attack on Aleppo aid convoy

Syrian Army strikes east Aleppo pocket from several axes

Video footage of the Syrian Army capturing Kawkab village in northern Hama

150 rebels defect to ISIS in northern Syria: reports

Latest battlefield map of the East Ghouta

Video footage of the Syrian Army’s advance in northeast Aleppo

ISIS drone wounds two French soldiers in northern Iraq

King Salman directs aid groups to send Yemeni victims of his country’s airstrikes to Saudi Arabia

US State Dept defends Saudi massacre of Yemeni civilians

Saudi Army suffers heavy casualties in failed Jizan offensive

US swears revenge on Houthis for attack on warships

10-11-16 Developments

Islamic State admits US airstrike killed ISIS emir in Raqqa

Syrian Army tightens noose around rebel-held Douma, captures new town

Wikileaks reveals Hillary Clinton knew Saudi Arabia, Qatar funded ISIS

Iraqi forces liberate strategic island in Al-Anbar

Yemen’s Houthis respond to air strike with missile attack

Syrian Army tightens noose around rebel-held Douma, captures new town

Jihadi groups launch counter attack in northern Hama [+ Graphic Photos]

Map timeline: Syrian Army and Islamist rebels trade blows over northern Hama

Rebel rocket attack kills 5 school children in Syria’s Daraa

Rebel defenses collapsing as Syrian Army advances at strategic East Ghouta town

In Video: Syrian Army ambushes ISIS jihadists in southern Syria

Syrian Army, Palestinian committees reenter Yarmouk Camp in southern Damascus

Putin shuns Paris visit after France offers talks only on Syria: source

Video: U.S. Special Forces cursed as infidels by Islamist allies in Syria

Syrian Army launches powerful assault in east Aleppo

No military solution to the Syrian Conflict: Russian DM

Syrian Army captures Kakwab village in northern Hama

Several nations to join Russian aid operation in Aleppo


10-10-2016 Developments

Islamist rebels launch fresh offensive in northern Latakia

Rebel infighting in Syria’s Idlib kills 4 as tensions escalate

Syrian Army captures more territory in east Aleppo

ISIS launches massive offensive at Kuweires Airport in east Aleppo

Syrian Army storms major jihadist stronghold in Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Army enters key village in northern Hama

Syrian Army pushes deeper in Western Ghouta

Jund al-Aqsa officially joins Syria’s al-Qaeda branch to stop recent bloodbath

Ahrar Al-Sham expels Jund Al-Aqsa from several villages in Idlib

Kurdish Peshmerga wipe out dozens out of ISIS near Kirkuk

BREAKING: ISIS fighters storm Iraqi town of Shirqat

Turkey says Mobilization Forces role in Iraq’s Mosul battle will ‘increase problems’

In Video: Houthi rebels rock Saudi airbase with ballistic missile

18+ Photos: Over 125 killed, 525 injured by Saudi massacre in Yemen

Saudi air strike kills over 75 at funeral in Yemen’s capital

10-7-16 Developments

Syrian Army launches new assault in rural Damascus after Islamist rebels violate peace agreement

Huge attack launched by Syrian Army, Hezbollah in southern Aleppo

Lavrov hopes warmongers eager to attack Syria won’t gain upper hand in US

Russian, Syrian jets conduct nonstop airstrikes over Hama

Russian S-300 missile deployed to Syria: official

Ahrar al-Sham and Jund al-Aqsa alliance in northern Hama showing cracks

In pictures: Syrian Army saves families from battle zone in southern Aleppo

Russia ready to formalize UN’s evacuation plan for al-Qaeda fighters in Aleppo

Jihadist rebels reject UN offer of safe pass from east Aleppo

[Graphic +18) ISIS beheads, crucifies 2 men for “thievery” in Raqqa

Syria to continue anti-terrorism cooperation with Russia — diplomat

UNSC to hold emergency meeting on Syria under Russian request

Iraq ready to battle occupying Turkish forces near ISIS-held Mosul

Ankara says Turkish troops to stay in Iraq despite Baghdad objections

Video footage of Saudi soldiers fleeing base amid heavy attack by Houthi forces