Developments 10-18-16

>t. Minnesota

Syrian Army captures Russian Regiment Base in northern Hama

Confessions of an ISIS terrorist: Lebanese commander admits terror plots

Video footage of the Syrian Army’s military operations in southern Aleppo

Russian lawmaker advises Aleppo militants “to shave” to stay alive

Rebel-held town in Western Ghouta to surrender after SAA’s advance

Full video of Syria’s First Lady interview with Russia-24

Drone footage of Syrian Army, Hezbollah advance in southern Aleppo

Militants in Aleppo still receive anti-tank missiles: Russian General

Thousands of Syrians celebrate the expulsion of militants from key Damascus suburb

Iraqi army liberate largest Assyrian town from ISIS

Video: Intense video of Peshmerga fighting ISIS near Mosul

Photos: Iraqis protest against Turkish occupation near Mosul

In motion: Iraqi Army advances in southern Mosul amid ISIL’s collapse

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