Developments 1-9-17


Syrian Army inflicts heavy damage on ISIL’s defenses in east Aleppo

Large explosion rips through Qamishli in northeast Syria

Syrian government ready to grant amnesty to militants

Turkish Air Force kills 48 ISIS terrorists in east Aleppo: state media

Russian airstrikes propel the Syrian Army south of strategic east Homs airport

Syrian Army, Hezbollah intensify offensive in Wadi Barada

FSA groups capture large chunks of ISIL-held territory in northeast Damascus

Islamist rebels recapture territory in East Ghouta amid 4th assault

ISIL’s destruction of Hayyan Gas Company speeds up Syrian Army’s offensive operations near Palmyra

Syrian Army reopens Homs-Salamiyah Road after cleansing area of jihadists

Jihadist controlled Wadi Barada pocket shrinks considerably amid new Syrian Army offensive: map

Leader of Liwa Suqour al-Sham vows to keep fighting SAA, despite ceasefire


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