Trump’s Ineffective Tantrum

So what happened today with the attack on Syria? I’ll start out with what we know so far:

103 missiles were launched in total, and Syrian state media claims 71 missiles were intercepted.

No areas with Russian presence were damaged. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Dunford: “We specifically identified the targets to mitigate the risk of Russian forces being involved”

Russian air defenses were NOT activated. Russia has S-400 (very good), S-300 (fair), and Pantsir S1 (good). None were launched.

Syria has S-200 (bad) and S-125 (very bad). These are what were used to counter the missile attack.

USA: B-1 Lancer stealth bombers armed with JASSM missiles were used in the strikes and 3 destroyers: Porter, Cook, and Higgins launched Tomahawks into Syria. One DD was located in the Red Sea and the others in the Mediterranean. The B1s took off from al-Uldeid Airbase Qatar

UK: Four RAF Tornado GR4 warplanes launched Storm Shadow missiles to Syria. They took off from Akrotiri Airbase Cyprus

France: Attacks on Syria with Dassault Rafale warplanes armed with Storm Shadow missiles. They took off from France

Targets included:

  • A military base in Masyaf West Hama

  • Ad-Dumayr airbase East of Damascus city

  • Mezzeh Airbase Damascus city

  • HQ of 4th mechanized Div. in Jabal Qassioun Damascus

  • Military base in Jomraya  North of Damascus City

  • Barzeh residential district of Damas (4 civilian deaths)

  • A Missile base in Alajouz West Homs

  • Damascus International Airport

  • Hezbollah HQ in Qusayr South Homs


All in all, The only targets were little used military bases/HQ, and empty air bases. Syrian Air force had moved all it’s assets to Russian air bases in Latakia and Tartous prior to the attack. funny how the axis couldn’t help but throw a few missiles into a civilian residential district. The cherry on the cake.

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