Debunked French faggotry report

>French ‘inteligence’ beats UK’s “planes take off and fly” release CW report to blame Assad. The report compares 2013 attack that reads: sarin filled hand grenades dropped from a helicopter, Syria denined Report refuses to acknowlege IS ties, nor jihadists using chemical weapons against kurds in Aleppo & elsewhere

Went through the french report with the 50 words of french i understand and the magic of google translate, it’s a joke. Not as much as the 4 pages the US presented though. I may have understood some stuff wrong so it would be nice if some french anon could translate points b.) and c.) on page 2. Some of the rest would be interesting too but it’s not really important in relation to where/how the sarin was produced. So as far as i understood it they claim to be able to match the sarin to be from stocks of the syrian government. The problem is that they want to base that accusation on two chemicals they found. DIMP (Diisoproplymethylphosphonate), a byproduct of some of the most common sarin synthesis routes, and Urotropine (supposedly used as stabilisator. Never heard of that, the most common stabilizer is tributlyamine). Now i’m no CW expert but if mahmoud and his friends decided to cook up sarin in their basement they’d use the easiest synthesis route (meaning there would be DIMP in their end product) and they’d have to stabilize it as well if they wanted it to have a reasonable shelf live. If you take a look at the UN report about the 2013 incidents (, page 30-37) you can see that they tested and found a shitload of other stuff, and not just its presence but also its concentrations/the relations to other chemicals that were present. That was necessary to match some of the sarin that was used back then to be of the same stock (Khan al Assal and East ghouta), they WEREN’T able to match this to be from the syrian stocks, even with the way better and more reliable (because the samples were taken by competent personal and quickly processed) data they had back then.

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Developments 1-23-17

Kurdish-led SDF express anger at exclusion from Syrian peace talks in Astana

Syrian intelligence agents seize US-made missiles from Islamist militants in Damascus

Inter-jihadi war in Idlib ends as terrorist groups make peace

New Syrian special forces unit launches surprise offensive in southeast Aleppo: map

Russian strategic aviation hits ISIS targets in Deir Ezzor again

Head of Federation of Chambers of Industry urges for businesses to reinvest into Syria

Timeline of Syria Peace talks held in Astana

ISIS replaces Syrian leadership with foreigners in Raqqa

Syrian opposition ready to unite with army as soon as transition of power begins


developments 1-20-17

Syrian Army seizes several sites in southeast Homs as ISIS retreats to Iraq: map

Russia, Syria agree to expand Russian naval presence in Tartous for 49 more years

Syrian Army liberates more territory from ISIS in East Aleppo

Syrian Army launches counter-attack to lift siege on Deir Ezzor Airport

ISIS begins destruction campaign by destroying parts of Palmyra’s ancient theater

Syrian settlement needs Assad: Turkish Deputy PM

Russian jets pound Jaysh Al-Fateh militants in Idlib

Full video of President Assad interview with Japanese television

Video: Russian Police in Aleppo

Video: Militants kill 2, injure dozens as shells strike near Aleppo celebration rally

1-18-17 developments

High-ranking Syrian general arrives in Deir Ezzor

Russia, Turkey conducting first joint air operation against Islamic State in Aleppo

Moscow welcomes Jaysh al-Islam group’s readiness to join talks with Damascus

US congresswoman to visit Syria

Syria: Qatar and Saudi Arabia not welcome to peace talks

Syrian Army liberates two villages in east Aleppo

Rouhani: Aleppo victory stopped regional calamity

ISIS storms Deir Ezzor in new bid to capture military airport

Syrian Army intensifies operations to capture Wadi Barada: 3D map

ISIL’s counter-offensive in western Palmyra ends in disaster

Syrian helicopters land in Deir Ezzor for first time since ISIS offensive




1-13-17 Developments

ISIL, Nusra terrorists ‘seizing all opportunities’ to break Syrian ceasefire: Russian Foreign Ministry

Syrian Army command threatens to retaliate against Israeli attacks

Syrian Army launches new assault in East Ghouta

Russia agrees to participation of US in Syria talks: Turkey

Syrian Army reaches gates of Wadi Barada springs

Suicide bomber attacks Syrian Army in northern Hama, 2 killed

Complete battlefield update, map of Syrian War

Thousands of soldiers awaiting largest Syrian Army operation in east Aleppo

Russia, Turkey announce that ceasefire being upheld in Syria

ISIS crucify two men for helping Kurdish forces in Syria

Iraqi hacks in ISIS radio frequency and delivers message to Baghdadi

Video footage of Israeli jets attacking Damascus

Complete battlefield map of Iraq: January 2017

Developments 1-12-17

Syrian experience prompts fast transition to high-tech weapons — Russian deputy PM

Syrian Army advances in Barada Valley, captures strategic town

Iraqi forces besiege ISIS in Mosul University

Reconstruction of devastated eastern Aleppo begins

Syrian Army ambushes ISIS reinforcement convoy in east Aleppo, scores killed

Captured ISIS fighters can sell upwards of millions of dollars

Syrian Army clears more territory in western Palmyra

Syria: Russia opens mobile hospital in eastern Aleppo

[Graphic 18] Photos from the front-lines in Wadi Barada

Large group of rebels surrender in Wadi Barada

Developments 1-11-17

Russian, Turkish foreign ministers discuss Syria ceasefire in phone call

Militants bombarded in Wadi Barada as Syrian Army prepares for major op

Russian Air Force delivered 71,000 airstrikes since September 2015: Russian MoD

Saudi chemicals supplied to rebels seized by Syrian Army in Aleppo

Elite Russian jets arrive in Syria for Aleppo offensive

Large group of rebels surrender in Wadi Barada

ISIS drives back Turkish forces in east Aleppo

Kurdish forces encircle ISIS in west Raqqa: map

US drone strike kills two rebel commanders in Idlib