My name is Hamza Zan, I’ve been main moderator of “Syria General(s) /sg/-/pol/” chat for several months and all 70ish members coulds see that I allowed full and absolute freedom of thought for all ideologies and ideas. I’ve protected the group from destruction and I kept the tag from original group (@syriageneral) which allowed this to become semi-official chat (as much as it is possible for anarchy of 4chan). I entrusted leadership to five different people (Ben Flores, Questioner, Dan, Countryside General and AusBro) other than me, which since July proved to be nice and cooperative people. Group slowly evolved with its sister-group /cgn/ and I gave rank of equals to my co-admins.

While I was absent from chat for few hours Ben Flores, one of more prominent people on /sg/ thread did (from yet unclear reasons) banned every member of group except other admins. He deleted 2 days of chat atleast and created clusterfuck for nothing.

EDIT: according to newest information it was fault of multiple members, namely Questioner and Countryside

is new/old address, everybody has been unbanned.