Liberation of Yarmouk

After years of fighting, Damascus is clear of terrorists. This is a major event. The Terrorist supporters have been deported to greater Idlib. whilst ISIS fighters themselves are going to unknown location. Probably the deserts of Deir Ezzor

Analysis of further Saudi Arabian involvement in Syria

The most likely area of operations for new KSA support of the Syrian civil war would be within Northeastern districts of the country. The defacto administration of that section of Syria is the Kurdish-oriented govt known as the “Democratic Federation of Northern Syria”. This move by Saudi Arabia has some potential due to the US-backed SDF (Syrian democratic forces, also the official defense force of the Kurdish-centered govt in Syria) being outfitted as pro-western secular opposition to the Syrian govt. The formerly western-backed FSA (Free Syrian army) lost support from the US and the rest of the west due to their growing illegitimacy, this was caused by Islamist radicalisation within their ranks. The SDF doesn’t have as much negative baggage attached to their history, this means the international community would gain what’s recognized as a credible fighting force within Syria to oppose Assad. In-turn the Kurdish govt views Saudi Arabia in a positive light. For example it was Ilham Ehmed who is the Co-Chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council (the political wing of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces) stated back in October of 2017 that “Saudi Arabia is an important country it must play its role in promoting stability in Syria and we are ready to cooperate with it.”

Recently there’s been a disparity of interests between the YPG branch of the SDF and the US Coalition. The US may sever their support of the YPG to appease Turkey and sacrifice a greater fraction of Syria’s future territorial integrity. They may be expecting Turkey to conflict with the interests of the US-Coalition so long as YPG support remains. The Turks have been using the pretext of YPG affiliation with the PKK (The Kurdistan Workers Party, a terrorist organisation as designated by NATO ) in order to intervene within Syria. The recent creation of the Raqqa military council by the SNA (Turkish-backed Syrian National army of the FSA) with the aim to expel the YPG from the Raqqa governate is evidence of this.

Saudi Arabia will predictably support an Arab majority branch of the SDF designated as the Deir ez-Zor Military Council. The grim reality is that they are known to have questionable Islamist ideologies and to have been recruited from members of former FSA, al-qaeda and ISIS units. The most notable example would be their very own commanding officer, General Commander Rashid Abu Khawla who has a colourful past of running a criminal outfit that ran extortion checkpoints throughout Deir Ezzore in the earlier stages of the war before they pledged their allegiance to ISIS. Although ISIS initially allowed them to maintain their checkpoints Abu kwala and his men eventually fled Deir Ezzore for Al-Hasakah, startled by the excecution of Kwala’s brother Ata Allah on the charges of rape and bribery. Kwala would later move to Tel Abyad in Turkey before reappearing in Syria as the commander of the newly formed Deir Ezzor Military Council.

It remains to be seen whether or not Saudi Arabia will neglect to support the YPG. This would present Saudi Arabian defacto consent to present-day Turkey’s judiciary methods of militarily imposed disciplinary actions towards PKK affiliated organizations.

Syria: Pretext for War

Over the past week, American MSM has been shilling the missile attack. Leftists are beside themselves with joy. In fact the common sentiment among the media is “Trump is not doing enough war”. Why are they shilling so hard for a massive failure of an attack that resulted in a 70% missile interception rate? In fact, this is the first time in history a nation has had such massive success defending itself from modern missiles with only cold war era air-defense.

Unfortunately, blatant lies are what the news media does best. Headlines reading along the lines of “Syrian air defense firing blind”, “Evil Assad crippled”, “100% missile accuracy”, “Zero interceptions” It is clear MSM wants war and destruction. By brainwashing the public into believing the missile attack was a success, they are attempting to drum up support for intervention. Even though videos all over YouTube show dozens upon dozens of missiles intercepted

Behind the Syrian Missile Attack

The conflicting reports between Russia and the United States are causing much confusion. Were 71 missiles intercepted or none at all? Well lets break it down. According to SouthFront, only S-125, S-200, Buk, Kvadrat and Osa missile systems were used to intercept the missile attack. These missile systems are cold war era and range from bad to hopeless. How is it possible that 71 missiles were intercepted?  These missile systems should only have been able to destroy roughly 15% of the incoming missiles. The SyADF does not have the capability to intercept such a number of missiles simultaneously in one striking wave.

So how did so many missiles get intercepted? The answer lies in Russia’s electronic warfare (EW) systems. Russia has Krasukha-4 EW systems in Syria. The Krasukha is able to jam airborne radars, such as radar guided missiles at ranges of up to 250 kilometers. The missiles, once jammed, are then provided a false target away from the original to ensure that the missiles are no longer a threat.

For most of the flight path, guidance for the Tomahawk and  Storm Shadow cruise missiles is provided by GPS. However, in the final phase, the missiles begin using their internal guidance system. During this phase of the flight path the missiles are vulnerable for EW counter-measures. The missiles impacted by EW systems start to steer off. The missiles’ speed significantly reduces and they become an easy target for air defense systems or fall.

So what was the purpose of this missile attack? The answer lies in the USA’s state of the art JASSM-ER missile. Weighing in at a whopping 1.4 million USD, this is the first time JASSM-ER missiles have been used in an attack. JASSM-ER is the first missile to carry the Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) payload. CHAMP is an electronic warfare technology that fries electronic equipment with bursts of high-power microwave energy, non-kinetically destroying them.

It is likely that the missile attack on Syria was done for the purpose of testing JASSM-ER and CHAMP against Syria’s air defense systems (SyADF) and Russian Krasuka-4s while comparing it to Tomahawk and Storm Shadow missiles. No one knows for sure weather or not JASSM-ER and CHAMP have proven successful in countering Russian electronic warfare systems, as that information is undoubtedly top secret classified. But it brings up an interesting question about the future of smart missiles and EW technology. In the event of a nuclear launch, such EW systems could be used to destroy missiles before they reach their intended target.

Trump’s Ineffective Tantrum

So what happened today with the attack on Syria? I’ll start out with what we know so far:

103 missiles were launched in total, and Syrian state media claims 71 missiles were intercepted.

No areas with Russian presence were damaged. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Dunford: “We specifically identified the targets to mitigate the risk of Russian forces being involved”

Russian air defenses were NOT activated. Russia has S-400 (very good), S-300 (fair), and Pantsir S1 (good). None were launched.

Syria has S-200 (bad) and S-125 (very bad). These are what were used to counter the missile attack.

USA: B-1 Lancer stealth bombers armed with JASSM missiles were used in the strikes and 3 destroyers: Porter, Cook, and Higgins launched Tomahawks into Syria. One DD was located in the Red Sea and the others in the Mediterranean. The B1s took off from al-Uldeid Airbase Qatar

UK: Four RAF Tornado GR4 warplanes launched Storm Shadow missiles to Syria. They took off from Akrotiri Airbase Cyprus

France: Attacks on Syria with Dassault Rafale warplanes armed with Storm Shadow missiles. They took off from France

Targets included:

  • A military base in Masyaf West Hama

  • Ad-Dumayr airbase East of Damascus city

  • Mezzeh Airbase Damascus city

  • HQ of 4th mechanized Div. in Jabal Qassioun Damascus

  • Military base in Jomraya  North of Damascus City

  • Barzeh residential district of Damas (4 civilian deaths)

  • A Missile base in Alajouz West Homs

  • Damascus International Airport

  • Hezbollah HQ in Qusayr South Homs


All in all, The only targets were little used military bases/HQ, and empty air bases. Syrian Air force had moved all it’s assets to Russian air bases in Latakia and Tartous prior to the attack. funny how the axis couldn’t help but throw a few missiles into a civilian residential district. The cherry on the cake.

Assad’s Crackdown on Corruption

A few days ago, al-Assad made a statement to all his ministers and others in high up positions who believed themselves to be above the law.

“Every official who walks the streets in a parade with bodyguards is a coward with an inferiority complex. Every official’s son who blocks streets with his car and his bodyguards’ cars is a psychopath and his father will be held responsible, and I will personally study any complaints about this. It is totally unacceptable for anyone to act like an authority in the street because he stood with the army, and it will be punished, because those who protect the homeland on the fronts, will protect it from inside too. Personally, when I drove my car prewar and post war, I stopped at red traffic lights.”

Many people were skeptical and unsure weather al-Assad was serious about enforcing these rules. He proved all the skeptics to be wrong, because late last night & this morning, Assad’s warning to the ministers was enforced on the streets of Damas sending the capital in shock.

The first order of business was to stop 10 cars traveling with no license plates & darkened windows and to arrest all the drivers. All 10 cars belonged to Army officers. The orders by Assad was to make arrests regardless of seniority or positions.

Later, Police stopped the Prime Minister’s son and The of Head of Intelligence’s son just as Assad warned about family members earlier.

Most interesting & telling part of this development is that it was the simple traffic Police who were making those arrests on direct authority by Assad

Things have also turned around in Aleppo with the arrival of Major General Deeb Zeitoun, who is overseeing officials and their conduct in the city.

Qatar and the ‘Diplomatic Meltdown’

Image result for qatar vs saudi arabia

What’s likely happening is Qatar has had to come to an agreement with Iran to supply their shared offshore gas reserve (North Dome/South Pars) to Indian and Chinese markets, and abandon the Syrian gas pipeline extension to Europe via Syria. Qatar and Iran are essentially producing out of the same massive offshore reserve in the Persian Gulf, and are competing on getting this gas to market. Back in 2016, Qatar had purchased a 20% stake in Rosneft along with Glencore, so Qatar will get a piece of the profits from the Russian gas dominance in Europe. Qatar cutting a deal would allow Qatar access to Iranian terrestrial pipeline networks into Asia, although likely not at the profit levels they would like if they had full control of the pipeline networks. Initially Qatar had planned a gas pipeline via Saudi and Syria en route to Europe, which was blocked by Syria back in 2012, and then Russia had officially entered the fray to defend their literal monopoly of the European gas market.

Enter the “Syrian Rebels”, a Saudi-Qatari-US-Israeli backed ploy to fund terrorists led by private military contractors to overthrow Assad, and get a puppet President in who would grant construction rights for the Qatari pipeline. This brute force strategy using foreign backed PMC’s has utterly failed with Russian support. From the other end, the United States of Israel have blocked Iran from building a gas pipeline via the military campaigns in Iraq, thus closing the Mediterranean corridor for Iran.

This has forced Iran to focus their attention on supplying the Asian market, most notably China and India, who have been purchasing an increasing amount of oil and gas from Iran and Russia, and less and less from Saudi and the other gulf countries. China is doing this to try to force Saudi, Qatar, and the gulf monarchies to accept the Yuan for oil/gas payments instead of USD, and is putting the Gulf monarchies on a collision course with the United Slaves of Israel and threatening the Petrodollar mercantilism racket.

Whenever the United Slaves of Israel dollar is threatened, a false flag ensues, and a major military campaign is executed. Iraq and Libya are perfect examples. As a matter of financial survival, Qatar had to make a deal with Iran since Qatar has been boxed out of the European market directly, and Iran was the biggest obstacle in getting Qatar’s and other gulf monarchies oil and liquefied natural gas to the two biggest markets in the region — India, and China.

Even though Qatar was a major financial backer of ISIS and al-Qaeda led forces otherwise known as the FSA, I believe that after Trump’s trip to the Middle East asking them to do their part to stop the terrorists and the founders of ISIS, forced these Middle East nations to push Qatar out of the inner circle and point the finger at them (scapegoat)!

Even though I believe Qatar to be as guilty as hell in its quest for a pipeline and backer of ISIS and FSA (al-Qaeda), I think that its “plan B” was reason enough to oust them. I have a feeling that Qatar saw the writing on the wall when it bought into Rosneft (along with Glencore) and went ahead with a deal with Iran but what could also be happening is the other nations ALSO now see the writing on the wall. I think its now obvious that Syria, Iran, Iraq and Russia are winning this war and I don’t think that the US backed SDF can stop the SAA from participating in Raqqa or rescuing Deir Ezzoir. The best the US coalition can hope for is balkanisation of Syria and a buffer zone in its south so to not allow Iran a transit corridor to Syria and Lebanon which would threaten Israel. However, after the end of ISIS and FSA (al-Qaeda) this would take away the US reason To be there “to destroy ISIS”! If they stayed it would simply be OCCUPATION as they have no legal grounds to be there in the first place. So if there will no longer be Qatari pipelines then there is no reason to be there. A complete and utter mess up by the USA again. The only thing I can foresee now is a proxy war between the SDF and the SAA but that would ally turkey with Syria. Turkey is leaning towards the Eurasian union now with its deal to be the turkstream gas hub from Russia to Southern Europe. Yet a much needed NATO ally. Shit has certainly hit the fan! Russia’s intervention in this war Has made all the difference and now we can see iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, turkey and Russia all allying under common interests. But it ain’t over until the fat lady sings!


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