White Helmets are the good guys. Right?

The White Helmets are many things, but ‘good’ is not one of those things ?



>”This video below reveals a White Helmet operative describing the “throwing of Shabiha bodies in the trash”. Shabiha is a derogatory term for Syrian Government militia or state-employed security forces but is liberally applied by terrorist aka “rebel alliance” factions to any member of the Syrian military, irrespective of whether they are Alawite, Sunni, or Shia. Let’s remind ourselves of White Helmet claims on their websites of how its ‘aid workers’ “have risked sniper fire to rescue SAA bodies to give them a proper burial.”

Yes, this man pass as a moderate at the eyes of the West

>Zahran calls for cleansing Damascus of all Shiites and Nusayris.

>This is an anti-Shiite tirade and “bring-back-the-Umayyad-Empire” propaganda piece. It shows how sectarian Alloush is. He refers to Shiites, and reduces the Nusayris into this grouping, as “Majous”, or crypto-Iranians.

He’s so moderate that he wanted to moderately genocide the Shia from Syria.
Thanks to Based Russia for removing this scum from the earth.