This page is for the memes of /sg/

I’m trying to kick off a project called /sg/ sings.

>What is /sg/ sings?
If you’re familiar with /a/ sings, it’s sort of like that, but instead of singing anime openings, we’ll be singing the anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic.

>Ok, but what do I do?
If this shit actually goes anywhere, you can record yourself singing it and upload the audio to
if you’re a rare flag who’s self conscious about his voice, you can paste the vocaroo link in this form

>B-But I can’t sing in Arabic
Not really a problem. When you sing the song, you should put headphones on and play it while you record yourself singing.
if you loose pace, just say what you think is right.

and here is the romanization of the Arabic:

Humat ad diyar alaykum salam
Abat on tadilla nufusol kiram
Arinu alubati bateton haram
Wa arshu shumusi himan laydom

Rubu al shalami burudju eye’la
Tuhaki sama’ah bi’ali sa’neh
Rubu ah shalami burudju eye’la
Tuhaki sama ah’bi ali’sa neh
Fa ardoon zahet bish shumusi widha
Sama unla amruka owkas sama


Rafifu Lamani la kafaku Fuwad
Ala aleh mim domma sham lel bilad
Ama Fi-hi min kuli ayn’in sawad
Wa min dami kulli Sha’hiden Midad?

Nufusun ubahtun wa Mahdin Majid
Waru’hu La’dahi rakiboon atid
Nufusun ubahtun wa Mahdin Majid
Faru kula wa hira een un Rajid
Falim la walidu walim la nashid?
Falim la na’sudu walim la nashid?

ON MY POSITION meme originates from this transcript of a Russian officer calling an airstrike on himself in Palmyra.
Officer: Captain, I’m trapped, I’m trapped again.
Commander: Please repeat and confirm.
Officer: They saw me. Here around the skirmish, I’m stuck. I demand the immediate evacuation.
Commander: Requesting evacuation.
Officer: Please hurry, I was left with little ammunition. They climb everywhere, I would not last for a long time, please hurry.
Commander: Confirmed evacuation. Hold them continue to return fire. Go to a safe place, air support is on the way. Give your contact information.
Officer: <gives the coordinates>.
Commander: <repeated coordinate>. Confirm.
Officer: Confirmed. Please hurry, I was left with little ammunition. They surround me, the bastards.
Commander: Twelve minutes to evacuate, go back to the shelter. Again, back to the shelter.
Officer: They’re close. I’m surrounded by. Maybe it’s too late. Tell my family that I love them.
Commander: Go back to the green line, keep the fire, roadside assistance. Wait for air support.
Officer: I can not, I’m surrounded by, there are a lot of bastards.
Commander: Ten minutes later, return to the Green Line.
Officer: I can not. They surrounded me, they’re close. Please hurry up.
Commander: Go to the green line, go back to the Green Line.
Officer: They’re here. I am requesting an attack from the air. You are welcome. Hurry, this is the end. Tell my family – I love them, and die fighting for their country.
Commander: The answer is no, go back to the Green Line.
Officer: I can not. Commander, I’m surrounded by. They are here. I do not want them to take me, and carried away into captivity. I am requesting an attack from the air. They will mock me and on uniform (Russia – Ed.). I want to die with dignity, I want all those bastards killed along with me. Please fulfill my last wish – ask for an attack from the air. In any case, they will kill me.
Commander: Please confirm your request.
Officer: They’re here. This is the end, Comrade Commander, thank you. Tell my family and my country, which I love. Tell them that I was brave and I fought, but I can no longer do anything. Please take care of my family, avenge my death. Comrade commander, farewell. Tell my family – I love them.