What does Bombing Syria have to do with Making America Great Again?

Trump’s apparent change of heart and the seemingly chaotic and unpredictable moves he made starting from bombing a Syrian airbase took many people by surprise – including me , in fact. For a while, I had been trying to figure out what the man was thinking – *really* thinking when he decided to pull the trigger on Syria. Sure, he made these vapid statements about the “beautiful babies”, but, that’s probably just for show; that’s for the consumption of his American base. That doesn’t strike me as the reasoning that a billion-dollar rich real estate mogul – a cynical cutthroat son of a bitch type who would dominate the cesspit of the New York real estate market, would make.

First of all, what follows is merely an analysis I have made given specific assumptions and speculations given those assumptions. Therefore, please give this article no more weight than you would a run-of-the-mill Alex Jones conspiracy theory.

To get this out of the way, it *might* be entirely possible that everything we’ve seen so far has NOT been stage play, and Trump really *is* a soft, gullible moron who is now under the beck and call of the Neocon not by the usual “I’ve got you by the balls” sort of power-play, but because they know exactly how to play his gullibility like a fiddle. In both former cases, the difference in outcome would probably not be much different.

[Sidebar: But if we would make any comparison, for example, with Obama, sometimes a man’s principle, or perhaps personality, like cowardice, could still play as a limiting factor even under duress – what with Obama never ever having the gall to actually attack Syria directly, during his entire two terms. Whereas it took Trump only 3 months to overtly crater a Syrian airbase. Either way, both have done their part, in their own way, to destabilize Syria.]

Now, if Trump was NOT a dump, gullible moron, why has he seemingly betrayed every single principle he has stood for during election? Why has he betrayed maybe 50% or so of his electorate? This is a difficult question to answer, especially if you, like me believe(/d) one specific thing: that Trump was not lying when he said he would put America First, that he would Make America Great Again. So that will be one of the assumptions I will be working with during this analysis. Trump was not lying. If that is the case, then why would he go against his very campaign platform – the very reason he was chosen by the American people over Clinton, if he was not simply doing it to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans to gain power? The speculation, therefore, that attaches to this assumption, is that these actions are part and parcel of “America First” and “Make America Great Again”.

I have been thinking about it in this line for a while now, actually, and I kept coming in blank; I could not, in my mind, think of a way to connect throwing away a good relationship with Russia, bogging down the US in another Middle East conflict with “Keeping America Safe” as one of the campaign taglines went. And then, just today, it hit me – Trillions of dollars in debt. Immediately, in my mind, came what seemed to have been a pretty innocuous interview with Trump, explaining his several policy 180s, essentially, that it was much harder to be President than he thought. What, I thought, if we took this line at face value?

What if Trump has come to the conclusion that it was impossible to revive, or, hell, even rescue, America’s economy from imploding from trillions of dollars in debt? That is, impossible except for one way – a miracle. Specifically, the miracle of World War II. In the midst of a crippling depression, it seemed as if America’s entry into the greatest war in the history of mankind immediately precipitated nothing short of an economic resurrection. Of course, the details are a bit more complex than that, but that is how the layman understands it. And that, I believe, might also be how Trump understands it.

So, given all of the assumptions of speculations above – what is Trump’s game? I believe he was not lying and he really does want to “Make America Great Again”. I speculate that he has instead come to a terrifying conclusion – no amount of harassing US companies, or wall-building, or tax reforming can save the US economy now. There is only one path left – the last remaining path to making America great again lies in destabilizing as much of the world as possible. Leveraging the Military-Industrial Complex to carry most of the weight of the economy, Trump will make a fevered pitch for conflict all across the world, as we see today – Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, what’s next? Perhaps he will soon be bombing Africa again, who knows? But all this serves one purpose – to get people to buy weapons, American weapons lots of it. Just as in the second World War, which say America essentially strip Europe of all its wealth by being the arms dealer (as well as selling consumer goods), Trump might *NEED* the same miracle just to keep the US economy from collapsing – and the country, from dying. Of course, Trump is no fool – he knows that if he oversteps himself, and the nukes start flying, it’s game over.

So here is my prediction, given the analysis presented above, for the foreseeable Trump presidency (maybe a year? a few months?) destabilizing (as openly said by Sean Spicer) all the world’s traditional hotspots: Middle East, North Korea and I suspect some place in Africa is next (except Libya – that’s already a given). I predict that we will straddle the line extremely closely between cold war and Armageddon, and whether or not we actually enter it would depend much more on luck than real intent.

– /sg/ War Intel

2 thoughts on “What does Bombing Syria have to do with Making America Great Again?

  1. This is the most pseudo-intellectual garbage that I’ve read in a long time. It looks like it’s written by an angsty teenager. Take this off our wordpress please.


  2. It’s a PR stunt to ‘convince’ the neocohens into supporting him or else they either lying hypocrites or subversives that needs removing, either way it’s a lose-lose situation for ((them)). The tomohawk strikes didn’t do jack sh1t since Trump himself warned Russia and Syria about it 24hrs before, and the 2 latters’ response are so lacking and full of fancy words and speeches you might as well say that they knew what’s up. If it were the neocons/obummer/hillbot/etc. doing it, that would be a different matter entirely.


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